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Your love for the car started with a poster on your bedroom wall

The Porsche 911 has been the quintessential dream car for decades. We set out to digitize that poster on your bedroom wall and bring back the same nostalgia, but to your Facebook wall.



"Best in Auto"

image-asset (3).png

Targeting fans with the Porsche 911 model from when they were sixteen years old.

We targeted fans using Facebook birthday data to create six different Facebook Canvas ads. Each one targeted fans with the Porsche 911 from when they were sixteen. The one they originally fell in love with.

image-asset (10).jpeg

Building each model's story

Working with The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, we dug deep into their historical asset library to portray each model in it's original glory. The units covered every detail in, out, and under the hood of each model, as well as what was remarkable about it at the time. Each unit opened with historical video footage of the car, as well as an actual quote from Car and Driver magazine from that time.

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