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Cedar Fair Amusement Parks

Your Imagination Will Haunt You

It’s not the witches, zombies or evil clowns that scare you. It’s what you can nearly see - the part where your imagination takes over -- that’s where your fears lie. A coaster’s descent into the void, the cornstalker lurking around the corner, or feeling that cool breath on your neck even when no one is there. This year, we’re haunting visitors’ psyches by turning their imaginations against them. We’ll set up the experience and let their imaginations run away scared. 

"The Halls" :30

"The Maze" Radio

Taking advantage of sound design, we recorded a situation that made the listener's imagination put together the experience they might be having at Haunt. 

Cedar Fair | Halloween Haunt

"In the Shadows" OOH

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image-asset (2).jpeg
image-asset (3).jpeg


"The Backstory" Content Series

With so many terrifying creatures and monsters at Halloween Haunt, we created a content series to hint at the story behind the creature.

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image-asset (9).jpeg
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