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Home Run Inn Pizza


Home Run Inn Pizza, the #1 frozen pizza in Chicago, wanted to expand their audience outside the region. We used this challenge to leverage social listening, and engage with people outside our fanbase.  Social analytics proved a strong relationship between pizza and people tweeting that they were #Hangry, so we seized this opportunity to strike out #Hangry with the first ever strikethough hashtag on twitter. 



"Social Customer Service"


Finding who's #Hangry

We used twitter to seek out #HANGRY users, striking out their tweet with free Home Run Inn pizza and customized artwork about their situation. 

image-asset (2).png

Engaging with a new audience in a clever way

Leveraging tumblr's visual storytelling capabilities, we created 100+ user-inspired graphics from our #HANGRY conversations in a short few weeks. 

image-asset (1).png

Jumping into the conversation

The #HANGRY conversation was already a prominent social trend, but Home Run Inn interjected by leveraging pop-culture, engaging with influencers one-on-one, as well as fueling the conversation with social polls. All graphics were created on the fly during social response labs, initiating conversation with the user within an hour.


#Hangry on the streets

We also sought to strike out #HANGRY in real life, giving away free Home Run Inn pizza, while documenting our fans and their #Hangry stories.

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